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Seeing Systems: Why are you resisting me? 

Is resistance individual or systemic?

The above video is an excerpt from workshops that I have conducted over the years and includes scenes from two sessions. First, my session at The Institute of Organization Development's annual conference titled "Our World, A Triple Bottom Line: People, Purpose and Planet,” June 20-22, 2018, Kingston, Jamaica. The session was on workplace alignment, the topic of my first book Strategic Organizational Alignment. Second, from a leadership development training called Tough StuffTM which is conducted twice yearly in Seattle, WA. The video shows an experiential activity that illustrates a common workplace pattern.


There is a whole industry created around how to deal with resistance and resistors. Many of the most popular change solutions are built around it. Yet, is resistance systemic or individual?


“If I blame me or you I am seeing blindly. If I recognize the pattern and take accountability for my part, I am seeing systems.”

-Barry Oshry


Human reaction to resistance is predictable. The problem? Most miss the obvious systemic pattern even when it is created on purpose.


Watch my video blog to see this illustrated through an experiential activity that highlights the systemic pattern and how hard it is for people to see it.


The good news is there are tried and true ways to recognize the pattern and operate in such a way that breaks through it and creates exceptional workplaces.


In fact, in Vol II of my new book Strategic Engagement, I give you a step-by-step process to align your workplace.


Look for my next blog which talks further on the topic.