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Engagement Takes Persistence

Persistence, diligence and a strong strategy

I have some bad news!

If you think you can increase engagement by giving a theory or attempting to measure it, then think again. Engagement increases by applying the following core items.

  1. Change the structure of key events in your organization to ensure effective interaction.
  2. Structure how employees raise issues and never shoot the messenger.
  3. Focus on accountability at every level of the organization (see Chapter 7 of Strategic Organizational Alignment).
  4. Apply selected activities from Strategic Engagement Vol I and II to ensure that all employees’ voices are heard, even the most introverted, and use them on a consistent basis.
  5. Follow up on each action created until it is in place and fixing the intended problems or a viable alternative is working.
  6. Balance authority toward the middle of the authority continuum while allowing employees to take as much initiative as appropriate but never in an ideological way (see Chapters 12 and 13 of Strategic Organizational Alignment).
  7. Stay persistent because engagement for results is a journey with no end. Getting off the path is much easier than staying on it, yet being on the path yields amazing results.

Engagement takes time, strategy, and persistence. Set your course and do your best to stay on the path. Small turns on the path will not hurt your overall progress. You must stay strong to truly create an engagement culture.

Now for the good news! If you do so, the rewards will be immense.